Chef-Démo our enterprise.

We are a Quebec business that operates in field marketing. We specialize in providing demonstration chefs to staff food and alcoholic drinks demonstrations, and in providing promotional representatives for your events.

Our turn-key solutions are available anywhere in Quebec. Our team of supervisors, chefs and marketing representatives are trained and qualified to fulfil your marketing needs.

Chef-Démo is structured and managed to provide you with peace of mind. Our staff is selected according to the business’ values, which are, in our opinion, essential in our field.

Chef-Démo offers services that set themselves apart from the competition through originality, practicality, competence and timeliness.

Our trained, competent, smiling staff will attract your customer’s attention. They will provide sound advice while describing the quality and content of your products.

We strive to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We adapt quite well to your special requests, and you will always obtain prompt, courteous service.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the leitmotiv of our organization. We strive to provide satisfactory service and meet your expectations. Our focus on training, recruiting, values, management and control are at the center of our commitment to excellence. This allows us to guarantee that we will provide practical, relevant and high quality results.

What clients say about us: professionalism, enthusiasm, leadership, obsessive attention to detail but most of all peace of mind.